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Connect Everything – Get Clarity – Streamline Processes

Combine your applications, legacy systems, cloud networks, APIs, and workflows into a data stream that promotes growth with our publishing software integration services.

Enter the Era of Real-Time Reaction

Turn all your data into a single, simple, smart resource with our publishing software integration services.

Transform your data into connected experiences that engage modern customers.

Draw on that data to inform your business strategy and spot future trends before the competition.

Streamline your processes to save time and money, freeing you to innovate and grow.

Our Integrated Publishing Services – Your Sustainable Success

Whether integrating legacy systems, moving to the cloud, connecting real-time analytics, or joining systems after mergers and acquisitions, our services in publishing systems integration make data work for you.

Publishers want to leverage new data quickly, align disparate applications, and encourage collaboration in the workforce.

Drawing on a breadth of consulting, cloud, API, iPaaS, and workflow experience, our team provides a controlled transition with minimal disruption and maximum returns on your investment.

Business Alignment

Align editorial and business operations, alongside ad platforms

Cloud Capability

Integrate with cloud apps and platforms for asset management

Quick Response

Respond quickly to new trends, tips, and business opportunities

Reactive Marketing

Easily see how brands and stories are performing in real time

Front and Back

Connect the back office with subscriber engagement platforms

Greater Engagement

Build more engaging media products and roll them out faster

360° View

Get a full view of operations, through the supply chain and beyond

Enterprise Collaboration

Create connectivity between employees, partners, and audiences

Thrive in Digital

Accelerate your digital transformation for growth and innovation

Your Integrated Publishing Solutions

Our services draw on a range of leading integration technologies.

Rely on our impartial expertise to choose and implement the solution that best suits your business goals.

MuleSoft Integration

Use Anypoint Platform technology to integrate data and applications across legacy systems and cloud software.

Dell Boomi Integration

Transfer data between any cloud or on-premises applications with this integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

HULFT Integrate

Access your data from all destinations through a simple interface and a comprehensive data architecture.

MuleSoft Integration for Publishers








Dell Boomi Integration for Publishers








HULFT Integration for Publishers








Influential Software: UK Digital Publishing Consultants

Publishing Software Specialists in London, Kent, and Glasgow

Influential Software has been carrying out transformative projects at major publishers for over 25 years.

With a unique mix of software expertise and publishing knowledge, our consultants act as a trusted bridge between the two.

Our core mission is:

  • to help writers get published quickly, cleanly, affordably, and with the greatest reach
  • to give managers agile tools that avoid bottlenecks, fast-track approvals, and streamline development
  • to create one system for the whole business, speeding up production and giving one version of the truth

Whether you have a clear plan or want to explore the options, our consultants have the advice and expertise to carry your business forward.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital publishing team:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

SAP Gold Partners | Buy official SAP licences from UK Gold Partners Influential Software
IBM Silver Business Partner Logo | Buy IBM Licences from official UK IBM Partners Influential Software

Metalogix - SharePoint and Microsoft Office Solutions | Buy Metalogix licences from official UK partners Influential Software
Dynistics Business Intelligence and Data Dashboard Software | Buy Dynistics from official UK Partners Influential Software


Publishing Systems Integration: Partners

MuleSoft Integration for Publishers

As one of the leading MuleSoft partners in the UK, Influential Software’s publishing integration services are always informed by the latest software developments.

Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, Influential integrates data and applications across legacy systems and SaaS applications, within your enterprise or across the internet.

Features and services:

  • Cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Cloud-to-enterprise integration
  • API enablement
  • Social enablement
  • Integration for SaaS providers

Dell Boomi Integration for Publishers

Influential Software has added Dell Boomi to its armoury of solutions, providing the advantages of an integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

The Dell Boomi tools we offer include:

  • Integration iPaaS allowing connection to over 1500 unique APIs
  • API management and design
  • Master data management
  • EDI management
  • Workflow automation and app development

HULFT Integration for Publishers

Influential Software’s HULFT UK partner status demonstrates our expertise in a solution that has integrated thousands of businesses worldwide.

HULFT Integrate has a wide range of adapters, allowing us to connect your varied systems from day one.

Key benefits of HULFT Integrate include:

  • Simplified data workflows
  • Scalability to meet changing data
  • Reduced data prepping time and cost
  • Fast creation of data management apps
  • Connectivity through scalable adapters
  • Ease in meeting auditing and compliance

Digital Transformation for Publishers

Integration is only one element of our digital transformation services, which we have developed especially to address the technology challenges of publishing.

  • Publishing consultancy
  • Digital transformation
  • Data and systems integration
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Contracts, rights and royalties
  • Vendor selection
  • Publishing experience
  • Support and services

Digital Transformation Data Sheet

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