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Unlock data silos, create a 360° view, enable real-time intelligence, connect cloud and on-premises, ensure consistent data, and modify your integrations at any time with our business integration services.

Business Integration Services - Digital Transformation Influential

Data Integration Services for the Competitive Edge

The need for business integration services is two-fold:

  • creating an immediate connection between existing systems and between disparate applications
  • laying the ground for the apps, APIs, cloud solutions, and IoT devices that you will adopt in future

Our digital integration services address both of these necessities. Connecting your systems today, we provide fast returns in collaboration, process efficiency, reduced IT support, and improved customer service. Laying down an agile infrastructure for tomorrow, we enable your business to take on new systems while maintaining a single source of truth.

Leverage our enterprise integration services with the flexibility of three key partners:

Dell Boomi Integrate

Let us customise this integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) with a library of over 1,500 APIs.

Dell Boomi Mediate

Design, secure, and scale APIs in the cloud, bridging old and new applications simply and quickly.

HULFT Integrate

Connect all major data destinations with an intuitive interface and comprehensive data architecture.

Our Digital Integration Services – Your Lasting Gains

Our business integration services put your results and your returns first.

We achieve this by combining our technical and industry expertise with a vendor-neutral approach.

Our integration specialists select each integration tool after a careful analysis of your existing systems and your integration goals.

Clients who choose our digital integration services report the following results:

Motivated Workforce

Integration saves employees from manual tasks and switching between systems. Allow people to develop their strengths and add value to your business.

Timely Problem-Solving

Integration provides a consistent stream of reliable data. Use this intelligence to capitalise on trends before the competition and address issues proactively.

Accurate Decisions

Data is the blood that feeds the brains of your organisation. By keeping that system free of errors, you ensure every decision is based on evidence.

Productive Teamwork

Encourage collaboration and communication between all your departments. Allow your employees to innovate and boost teamwork while reducing duplication of tasks.

Future-Proof Systems

Your growing business can become tangled in complexity as it takes on more systems. Smart integration allows you to scale and solve issues with the minimum effort.

Customer Satisfaction

By sharing customer data faster, you enable teams to address customer needs more quickly. Customers will be more loyal to your services and rate your company more highly.

Business Integration Consulting – Tailored to You

Digital transformation is never a one-size-fits all process. By aligning your vision with digital-first practices, we can identify the combination of services that will produce results quickly and reliably.

Explore our services in the following interlinked areas:

Digital Transformation - Decisioning


Supercharge your strategy with expertly aligned analytics and business intelligence tools.

Digital Transformation - Consultancy


Define your current state, your business goals, and every step in between.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Cut costs, reduce errors, and gain speed with automated business processes.

Digital Transformation - Innovation


Provide customer-centric services with agile app development and customisation.

Digital Transformation - Enablement


Give your users the tools they need to make digital-first a daily reality.

Influential Software: UK Systems Integration Partner

Influential Software has been leading the UK’s digital revolution for 25 years. Starting as a partner for business intelligence and analytics, we have diversified into application development, consulting, training, integration, and automation.

Our digital transformation consulting services work to identify and maximise your potential for long-term growth. With experience in industries from publishing to public sector organisations, retail to higher education, and manufacturing to financial services, we understand what UK businesses need.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital transformation services:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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Metalogix - SharePoint and Microsoft Office Solutions | Buy Metalogix licences from official UK partners Influential Software
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