Harness Insights with Business Intelligence Services

Analyse Data – Design Strategy – Compete Smart

Our business intelligence services provide the knowledge, the tools, and the skills you need to boost understanding of your business and fuel strategic growth.

Business Intelligence Services - Digital Transformation Influential

BI Services for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Our business intelligence services have perfected the art of turning data into insights. With information flowing flawlessly from the front line to the C-Suite, you gain a truly competitive edge.

Select and combine your BI services from the following areas:


Analyse performance to use assets effectively, and predict future trends for fast-tracked growth


Improve productivity, boost efficiency, and cut costs with systems tailored to your goals


Channel data into targeted content, boosting loyalty and conversions


Engage and motivate employees with tools for end-to-end human capital management

Engage Your Business Intelligence Partner

Commission a team of business intelligence specialists to turn your data into action.

By remaining vendor-neutral and prioritising your returns, our BI services promise the best solution with the highest value.

Our UK customers report the following benefits from our business intelligence services:

  • Use our expertise to identify untapped markets and predict future conditions
  • Start fast with pre-built analytics scenarios or order custom models for special requirements
  •  Leverage your untapped BI to conserve resources and maximise time-to-value and ROI
  • Deal with shifting compliance regulations by managing your data with agile, real-time tools
  • Boost loyalty and conversions by quickly turning customer data into new services
  • Become competitive with a clear view of performance and how to improve it

Select & Combine Your Business Analytics Services

SAP Business Intelligence SpecialistsIBM Cognos Business Intelligence SpecialistsAdaptive Insights Business Intelligence Specialists

Enjoy the highest level of technical expertise, complemented by our relationships with leading vendors.

Trust in our vendor-neutral approach to provide the most effective business intelligence services.

Each package is selected to give maximum time to value and long-term returns on your investment.

Enterprise Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud

Gain predictive insights with machine learning and discovery, with easy what-if analysis, forecasts, and predictive scoring.

SAP BusinessObjects

Achieve greater business centricity, lower operational costs, and early intelligence of future trends.

IBM Planning Analytics

Access real-time data from across your enterprise with self-service analysis through a customisable workspace.

Midsized and SME Analytics

Microsoft Power BI

Connect hundreds of data sources to this SaaS, with personalised dashboards and no need for tech support.

Cognos Express

Empower your department or SME to find answers with ad-hoc reporting and data discovery.

Adaptive Insights

Cut your financial planning cycles with easy-to-perform rolling forecasts and what if analysis in the cloud.

Agile Enterprise Resource Planning Services

When used as part of a well-planned strategy, ERP solutions can be integral to your digital transformation.

Use our expertise to benefit from a tailored and integrated ERP that drives innovation and efficiency.

Enterprise ERP


Get high value fast with built-in procure to pay, order to cash, and plan to product management, on top of embedded analytics.

Midsized and SME ERP

SAP Business ByDesign

Use role-based and personalised dashboards, ad hoc reporting options, and analytics embedded in transaction screens.

Custom Marketing Analytics Services

Harness our marketing experience and technical expertise to optimise your marketing processes.

Gain the ability to identify potential customers, target them individually, increase your conversion rate, and encourage customer loyalty.

SAP Marketing Cloud - Business Intelligence Partner

SAP Marketing Cloud

Track individual customer journeys and react with quick, targeted content, using SAP Marketing Cloud.

Create automatic recommendations and real-time, adaptive campaigns.

Use our integration services to bring your marketing data in line with all business processes, from finance to production.

Integrated HR Analytics Services

Engage our HR consultants to find a solution that fits your business model and technical goals.

Create experiences that engage employees, manage core areas such as payroll, and monitor and motivate your human capital for better business outcomes.

SAP SuccessFactors - Business Intelligence Partner UK

SAP SuccessFactors

Choose from SAP SuccessFactors packages for Core HR or Recruitment, Performance, and Goals.

You can also ask our consultants to create custom packages for your particular requirements.

Use our integration experience with Dell Boomi and SAP S/4HANA to integrate HR into your digital transformation strategy.

Digital Transformation Consulting – Tailored to You

Digital transformation is never a one-size-fits all process. By aligning your vision with digital-first practices, we can identify the combination of services that will produce results quickly and reliably.

Explore our services in the following interlinked areas:

Digital Transformation - Consultancy


Define your current state, your business goals, and every step in between.

Digital Transformation - Innovation


Provide customer-centric services with agile app development and customisation.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Cut costs, reduce errors, and gain speed with automated business processes.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Connect all business areas for a single source of truth, business-wide.

Digital Transformation - Enablement


Give your users the tools they need to make digital-first a daily reality.

Influential Software: UK Business Intelligence Specialists

Digital Transformation Consulting - Influential Software

Influential Software has been leading the UK’s digital revolution for 25 years. Starting as a partner for business intelligence and analytics, we have diversified into application development, consulting, training, integration, and automation.

Our business intelligence services work to identify and maximise your potential for long-term growth. With experience in industries from publishing to public sector organisations, retail to higher education, and manufacturing to financial services, we understand what UK businesses need.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital transformation services:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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Metalogix - SharePoint and Microsoft Office Solutions | Buy Metalogix licences from official UK partners Influential Software
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