Streamline Functions with Business Automation Services

Raise Accuracy – Make Savings – Accelerate Service

Identify inefficient processes, bridge disparate functionalities, create fast and reliable workflows, and ensure flawless customer experiences with our business automation services.

Automation in Digital Transformation - Influential Software Services and Solutions

Process Automation Services for Cost-Efficient Enterprise

Starting by analysing your existing processes, our automation team identifies areas for optimisation.

We then work with your stakeholders to design and develop bridges across systems for seamless automation.

Request a custom automation project within the following areas:

Workflow Automation

Accelerate processes, increase connectivity, and gain greater understanding of end-to-end processes. Benefit from our partner expertise with Dell Boomi flow, a low-code development platform for automating simple and sophisticated workflows.

Marketing Automation

Create complex, targeted campaigns and customise at a speed and scale never before seen. Use our partner experience with SAP Marketing Cloud to predict customer behaviour and create automated recommendations.

CRM Automation

Save time and expense with automated tools for inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions. Trust a certified SalesForce developer to provide a bespoke automation solutions for your business requirements.

HR Automation

Streamline your recruitment, onboarding, engagement, reward systems, and retention of human capital. Draw on our SAP Gold Partner experience to free HR managers from manual tasks and improve employee experiences.

Interested in apps to automate your industry? Explore our app development services.

Our Scalable Business Automation Systems

Create a seamless bridge between people, processes, and technology with our automation services.

Our approach looks at your current state and then works with stakeholders to envision an efficient model.

We start with models, prototypes, and pilots, before expanding across processes. Experience a carefully managed transition with our trusted automation services.

Analyse & Invent

First we look at your current processes and technology, working with stakeholders to envision an efficient model.

Test & Modify

Building agile models, prototypes, and pilots, we measure the potential efficiencies and adjust accordingly.

Deploy & Optimise

Starting the roll-out in a limited area, we then expand across processes, monitoring and adapting all the while.

Enterprise Automation Services – Tailored to You

Digital transformation is never a one-size-fits all process. By aligning your vision with digital-first practices, we can identify the combination of services that will produce results quickly and reliably.

Explore our services in the following interlinked areas:

Digital Transformation - Decisioning


Supercharge your strategy with expertly aligned analytics and business intelligence tools.

Digital Transformation - Consultancy


Define your current state, your business goals, and every step in between.

Digital Transformation - Innovation


Provide customer-centric services with agile app development and customisation.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Connect all business areas for a single source of truth, business-wide.

Digital Transformation - Enablement


Give your users the tools they need to make digital-first a daily reality.

Influential Software: UK Enterprise Automation Services

Influential Software has been leading the UK’s digital revolution for 25 years. Starting as a partner for business intelligence and analytics, we have diversified into application development, consulting, training, integration, and automation.

Our digital transformation consulting services work to identify and maximise your potential for long-term growth. With experience in industries from publishing to public sector organisations, retail to higher education, and manufacturing to financial services, we understand what UK businesses need.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital transformation services:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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