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Create Revenue – Reduce Costs – Empower People

Our digital transformation experts enable you to diversify markets, optimise processes, integrate data, and enable employees across your business.

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Expansion + Efficiency + Empowerment = Transformation

Influential Software’s digital transformation services comprise three parts: targeting new revenue, optimising your processes, and guiding you along the path.

Our approach provides a digital transformation that is profitable, cost-effective, and sustainable.


Use the sharpest tools to pinpoint new revenue streams. Then engage agile developers for the tools to target that market.


Break down silos and connect everything for a single view of business. Cut costs and save time with process automation.


Achieve a clear plan to meet your goals. Engage project managers to guide the change. Train your staff for maximum value.

Digital Transformation Specialists - Influential Software UK

Select & Combine Your Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation - Decisioning
Data-driven insight is key to beating the digital curve. Our services empower you to transform data into actionable intelligence.

Digital Transformation - Innovation
Agile services are the keystone of digital transformation. Turn dreams into revenue with our bespoke development services.

Digital Transformation - Automation
Let your employees think big instead of duplicating labour and fixing manual errors. Automate processes for speed and efficiency.

Digital Transformation - Integration
Using cloud computing, integration platforms, and APIs, we break down silos to make data accurate and available.

Digital Transformation - Enablement
We train your users to get maximum advantage from digital. Our flexible trainers adapt to your business needs.

Digital Transformation - Consultancy
Define your current state, your business goals, and every step in between. Make it happen with agile project managers.

Leverage Our Digital Transformation Strategy

Enjoy a fast, tailored service for tangible returns. Let us guide you each step of the way, adjusting to your goals as they evolve. Draw on our extensive work with solutions across departments and industries. Engage Influential Software for our proven expertise, with the following advantages:

  • Cloud Capabilities
    We are certified in a wide range of cloud technology and services, including integration, migration, and hosting
  • Latest Solutions
    We seek and master the cutting edge with trusted partners, from analytics to finance, and HR to marketing
  • DevOps Culture
    We put business objectives and operations at the heart of our services, a bespoke approach that puts results first
  • Agile Delivery
    We develop in sprints, pushing the rapid optimisation of products to empower your evolving business

Influential Software: UK Digital Transformation Partners

Influential Software has been at the heart of the digital revolution for 25 years. Starting as a partner for business intelligence and analytics, we have diversified into application development, consulting, training, integration, and automation.

For us, every client presents a unique challenge in need of a bespoke solution. Each of our clients receives impartial advice, non-stop service, and certified technical expertise.

A few of the businesses who have benefitted from our digital transformation services:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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