Envision Agility with Digital Transformation Consulting

Goals, Operations & People – Aligned for Growth

Investigate business state – Identify areas for optimisation – Invent innovative solutions – Implement in agile iterations – Improve and evolve

Digital Transformation Consultancy Services - Influential Software Services

Our Digital Project Management – Your Business Vision

No two businesses are alike, and neither are our digital transformation consulting projects. At Influential Software, we follow a results-oriented process targeting high effectiveness and optimum ROI.

From initial analysis through digital project management to post-implementation reviews, we cover the full digital spectrum.

Influential Software’s consulting team believes in the Five I’s:


Rely on our expertise, experience, and an ever-open mind, to analyse your business and give an end-to-end assessment.


Draw on our business and technical knowledge to pinpoint the areas that can be transformed for maximum impact.


Engage our agile developers to create innovative solutions for operational efficiency and customer-centric services.


Let our digital project managers guide your progress in implementation and the knowledge transfer that enables true transformation.


Stay relevant and capture new revenue with regular development, customisation, and extension for evolving services.

Digital Consultancy for Tangible Success

The current boom in digital technologies, each with proven profitability, shows that digital transformation is much more than an idea or philosophy.

At Influential Software, your returns come first. Our digital transformation consulting keeps the end in sight – your customers and your bottom line.

Our UK customers report the following benefits from our bespoke digital services:

  • Digitisation of processes previously done on paper, in-person, or by workers
  • Clear digital direction to meet business needs and stakeholder vision
  • Added impetus and the guarantee that your digital roadmap evolves with you
  • Increased user adoption and sustainability with transfer of digital skills and culture
  • Creation of a digital feedback loop that keeps your transformation rolling long-term
  • Alignment of your objectives, operations, and human capital with customer needs

Digital Transformation Consulting – Tailored to You

Digital transformation is never a one-size-fits all process. By aligning your vision with digital-first practices, we can identify the combination of services that will produce results quickly and reliably.

Explore our services in the following interlinked areas:

Digital Transformation - Decisioning


Supercharge your strategy with expertly aligned analytics and business intelligence tools.

Digital Transformation - Consultancy


Define your current state, your business goals, and every step in between.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Cut costs, reduce errors, and gain speed with automated business processes.

Digital Transformation - Integration


Connect all business areas for a single source of truth, business-wide.

Digital Transformation - Enablement


Give your users the tools they need to make digital-first a daily reality.

Influential Software: UK Digital Transformation Partner

Digital Transformation Consulting - Influential Software

Influential Software has been leading the UK’s digital revolution for 25 years. Starting as a partner for business intelligence and analytics, we have diversified into application development, consulting, training, integration, and automation.

Our digital transformation consulting services work to identify and maximise your potential for long-term growth. With experience in industries from publishing to public sector organisations, retail to higher education, and manufacturing to financial services, we understand what UK businesses need.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital transformation services:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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